Help for SBC DSL – DLink DI-524 and SpeedStream 4100

A while back, my old DSL router died, and I called SBC to get a new one. Since nothing is EVER truly plug-and-play, I had a couple of rather hairy hours getting reconnected to the web. When I finally figured out how to make all my devices play well together, I wrote the following, and since I keep referring back to it, I thought I’d post it. At least that way it’s accessible wherever I need it to be.
(Caveat, this is written to be done with a PC connected by wire to the router. These directions will not work if you’re trying to make the changes via a wireless connection. Oh, and I have my own admin username and password on my D-Link, but you might be using the default. I did not include that info here, figuring you’ll already know that part.)Where I use “quotes” to denote something to type, just type the stuff within the quote marks. Anything where I use [brackets] denotes a button to click.

Here goes. So, you have a DI-524 that’s set to be at IP address Then, you connect your SpeedStream 4100 (which defaults to and all goes to hell. Here’s what to do.

Print this out so you have step-by-step instructions. You’re going to lose your Internet connection temporarily. But don’t despair. It will return in just 16 more steps.

  1. Turn off the SpeedStream, so you don’t have an IP conflict.
  2. Connect to your DI-524 through the browser and change the IP address. (I chose
  3. Save the config change and restart the DI-524.
  4. Unplug your PC from the DI-524, and plug it directly into the Ethernet port of the SpeedStream.
  5. In your web browser, go to (the SpeedStream’s IP address) and log in with your account info ( and your password)
  6. Click on Advanced. If it asks for an access code, it’s on a label on the bottom of your SpeedStream, and it’s labeled (nicely) Modem Access Code.
  7. Go to Advanced>PPP Location, and click on “Bridged Mode”
  8. Click [Save Changes] to restart the SpeedStream
  9. Now, connect the computer, DI-524, and SpeedStream the way you’d expect: PC plugs into the Ethernet port on the DI-524. DI-524 connects from WAN port to the Ethernet port on the SpeedStream. SpeedStream connects to the DSL line.
  10. Make sure your PC has a good IP address.
      • Go to Start>Run>type “cmd” and then click [OK]
  11. Type “ipconfig /all”
  12. You should have an IP like, with a subnet mask Default gateway, DHCP server, and DNS server can all be pointing to
  13. Type “exit” at the prompt to close the Command window
  14. Open your browser and go to (your DI-524) and log in with the adminstrator username and password.
  15. Go to the Status tab, and look for Connection under the WAN section of the screen.
  16. Click [Connect]. The IP address, subnet mast, default gateway, and DNS will fill in.
  17. Close your D-Link config and try browsing to a website.
  18. Viola! (Well, it worked for me.)

Several of the tech support sites have posts about how the SpeedStream randomly loses its connection. It’s not that. What I’ve noticed is that if I haven’t been on the web in a couple of days, I have to log into my DI-524, go to the Status tab, and reconnect. Then, I can browse away.

I did have some help with this solution, so I’ll give kudos where they’re due. The AT&T (SBC) DSL tech support guy was pretty helpful in showing me how to put my SpeedStream in bridge mode, and how to reset it again when it didn’t solve the problem the first time out. Big thanks to the folks who posted at and forums, who led me to the only possible solution: changing the IP address of my D-Link router, since the SpeedStream’s IP can’t be changed.

I just figured it’d be helpful to others for me to post the full answer. I hope it saves somebody’s evening. If so, or if you try this and find a flaw, please post a comment so I can update.


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