Paleo Challenge prep

My 30 day paleo challenge officially starts tomorrow.  I’ve been working hard to improve my health, lose weight, and eliminate the medications and BiPap from my life forever. So, on advice from my trainer, I’m taking the dive tomorrow morning and going 30 days of strict hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

After a day of grocery shopping and cooking enough varied proteins for the week, I’ve learned a couple of things.

Lesson #1: I need a bigger fridge. All that protein and fresh veggies…

Lesson #2: If nothing else, this challenge will make me a better cook. Learning more than how to grill, and what FrogDog spice herb goes on which fish or poultry…

Till then, I will focus on doing this for one day, and then the next, and so on. I’ve survived a lot of things 30 days at a time.  The promises of feeling healthier will keep me going. I owe that to myself.


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