My paleo challenge – Day 5

Made it through the work week! I think that’s probably the tough part. At home, all the stuff I bought and prepared is ready and waiting when I need it.

Waited a little too long for the afternoon snack today, and got a little shaky. Apparently, I’m like all those people in the Snickers’ commercials. I get cranky when I’m hungry. Bummer.

Now the conundrum. See, it’s finally fall in the Midwest. There’s football on this weekend, so naturally, my mind wanders to the kitchen.

While I may not be a chef, I’m a pretty solid recipe-specific cook. I’m a whiz at spaghetti sauce, chicken soup from scratch, an awesome tropical ahi tuna ceviche, veggie lasagna (sigh)…

And on my drive home tonight, I realized that the rock star chili recipe I’ve been perfecting over the years is FAR from paleo. The standards: sofrito, diced tomatoes, ground beef, peppers, onions… all good so far. Skip down to the three kinds of beans, the garbanzos and the roasted corn. See how quickly it all goes south?

So, here’s my question: I now realize that if I’m serious about this and want to stick with paleo, I’m gonna have to re-create my best recipes or live without them forever. Is there a web resource that can help me with ingredient replacements?  I know there are a lot of great cookbooks, but what I’m looking for now is a kind of online engine:  You used to use THIS, now try cooking with THAT.

Anybody got a site for that? Totally open to suggestions here.


Today’s Exercise: More of yesterday’s same: Still sore from the killer workout on Wednesday (and yes, I’m hydrating). Stretching, flexibility exercises at home, random abs, and 44 pushups. My form is getting much more consistent, even if I can’t do the whole set without stopping a couple times. I’ll get there.


2 thoughts on “My paleo challenge – Day 5

  1. Samantha

    There are TONS and TONS of paleo recipes out there, even for chili, etc….just google paleo chili or whatever it is you’re looking for. I have lots of pages I’ve ‘liked’ on fb, I will send them to you as I remember them. Here are a couple of my faves:

    It’s a bit intimidating at first, but now I find it fun to think how to make paleo recipes. I find they taste just as good, if not better – and I feel better after a day of ‘indulging’ at a party or whatnot.


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