My paleo challenge – Day 9

What’s the saying, “Starve a cold, feed an injury”?

Not to worry. I didn’t feed it the same way I used to, with mac and cheese or ice cream, or mashed potatoes.

Today, I had ham and eggs with steamed broccoli for breakfast, an awesome turkey and avocado salad for lunch, macadamias as my snack (still a bit late on the draw there… gotta move it up) and steak and veggies for dinner.  And at lunch, I planned out the varied proteins for the rest of the week and made my What’s Missing grocery list.  See me Friday for my review of pan-seared duck and the whizzy new spin bike.

The shoulder’s still sore, so I put myself on injured reserve for the day. No workout, just stretching and foam rolling. And breathing. Lots of. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Working not to get caught up in what I’m not able to do today.

Tomorrow will be better. Every day shows a little improvement. I just have to be smart about it. Good thing I have coaches in my life to keep me on a non-destructive path. I don’t have to “take a break” from everything just because I’m a little sore. I can take it slow and heal, and then get back to the task at hand.

Learning to listen to my body, as Mike tells me. I’m just glad, in this case, it’s the shoulder closest to the right ear, the one that picks up screeching and whining. Otherwise, I might have done more damage.

If I had to look for a deeper meaning to my paleo challenge so far, it’d be this:  I can be in control of what I do, what I eat, and how I care for my health. I don’t have to go with what’s put in front of me. I can make a conscious choice to improve my tiny corner of the world. I’m strong enough (and stubborn enough) to do that. Not sure why it hadn’t occurred to me so clearly before. But I’ve got it now, so it’s all good


Today’s Exercise: Stretch and breathe. Repeat. Training tomorrow after work.

PS: In the world of great ironies, does it surprise anyone that I’m doing my paleo challenge during National Pasta Month?


2 thoughts on “My paleo challenge – Day 9

    1. bethalyn Post author

      Thanks, Sham. Sometimes, the smarts do leak out a bit. Not sure where they come from, but there they are.


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