My paleo challenge – Day 18

So, I’m gearing up for a weekend with my family, and it’s been a different experience. To be specific, it’s a family wedding weekend that includes: An evening at the hotel’s pub, lunch with cousins, a 4pm wedding with reception after, and brunch on Sunday. Food, food, and more food.

Normally, I’d eat “smart” the days leading up to the event, and plan to launch a diet as soon as I got back home. In my family, over-feeding was always how we showed love.

This time, I’m doing things differently.

  1. I’ve already checked the menus at the pub and the lunch spot, finding (surprisingly) that I’ll have far more options at the pub. Lunch spot has a “no substitutions please” restriction on their menu, so I’ll have to order a salad on the side of whatever I get, and give away the potatoes and bread.  Can you imagine? I’m heading north of the cheddar curtain… and I don’t eat dairy! I hope they don’t kick me out as a traitor.
  2. I made sure there’s a gym at the hotel, so I can get in a workout on Saturday morning, and, if possible, one on Sunday before brunch. And I’ve contacted my brother to be my workout partner, to make sure we both get out and move a bit.
  3. I’ve been reminding myself for a week: If I’m focused on the food at the wedding (beyond choosing what I will and won’t eat), and feel bad about all the stuff I’m passing by, then my priorities are messed up. This is not about food. It’s about my cousin and his bride and a lifetime of happiness. (Yeah, I even went a little Hallmark moment on myself  there.)
  4. I stopped at Whole Foods on my way home tonight, and picked up some fresh fruit for my room, and even found a trail mix with almonds, macadamias, cranberries, and ginger. Yum! And I have an 85% chocolate bar in the suitcase… in case that killer sweet table starts calling me.

Coach is right. Preparation is the key to success.  Besides, I’ve worked too hard to get into the little black dress to ruin it with any stupid choices.

So, let the family fun fest (not FEAST) begin!


Today’s Exercise: Nada. Zip. Zilcho. Total recovery day.  (And now I feel guilty, so I’ll stretch before I head to bed.)


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