My paleo challenge – Day 20

Sean and Sarah at Lake Michigan

The newlyweds, Sean and Sarah

I’ve been looking forward to today for a long time. And before I do anything else, congratulations to my cousin Sean and his bride Sarah, on a beautiful wedding!

To say I’ve never been confident in my appearance wouldn’t be far from the truth.

But the last 10 months of diet, workouts, and ongoing challenges from my trainers has helped significantly.

My entire family complimented me tonight, on everything from my hair and jewelry to my shoes and the little black dress I’ve been working so hard to not just fit into, but really wear with confidence. There’d been a random comment here and there along the way, but tonight, it came from all directions, and I was able to accept the comments with grace… and believe what they were saying. I’d always held that they were just saying nice things because we’re family. Now, I can take it all in and accept the praise and comments.

This process has been so much more than just eating the right things, burning calories, and building muscle tone. It’s been an inside-out transformation as well. And with this big pocket full of well-wishes and positive attention, I can head back home and to the gym and attack the next phase of my healthy-life challenge.

As for today, even with the family food fest, I was able to eat within the guidelines, work up a good sweat at the hotel gym. Even with a buffet dinner at the reception, I had salad, chicken and green beans. And when the family started making dessert noises, I took the opportunity to head back to my hotel room, freshen the makeup, and treat myself to a little Theo 85% dark chocolate. It was just enough to make me NOT miss the cakes or pies served at the reception.

Again, preparation saves the day. Glad I have coaches helping me through. Thanks for all your support.

More tomorrow, after I head home, shop for the week, and do some cooking.


Today’s Exercise: Got in a good hour at the hotel gym: cardio on the elliptical plus some weight work on the floor and free weights. More of the same tomorrow before heading home.


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