Paleo Challenge: The Day After

It could only be my bad sense of timing that would complete my paleo challenge the day before National “overindulge in processed sugar” day. And though I didn’t suffer too many cravings during my first 30 days, I found myself wanting to nibble today.

It wasn’t happening at normal snack-ish times (around 10:30am and about 3:45pm), but at least an hour earlier each. In thinking back, I can’t blame breakfast: Two omega-3 eggs, turkey bacon, diced mushrooms in an omelet with the last of Mama Rose’s heirloom tomatoes and a cup of black coffee. And I can’t blame lunch: Portillo’s chop salad, minus the pasta and gorgonzola, add extra chicken, and hold the lemon poppyseed muffin, plus a big ice tea with lemon, unsweetened.

I’m gonna chalk it up to all the sugary treats on display at my office: on the counters, in the lunch room, at the reception desk… you get the picture. And though I didn’t eat any of it, I still couldn’t shake the desire. I did withstand, and instead of giving in, drank a huge glass of water each time I felt the urge. Definitely got in my 64oz today without trouble.

The Boss made a comment today that I’ve been a lot happier lately. If it’s “that paleo thing”, keep it up. It might very well be the result of a system on its way to working properly. Or maybe it’s that I’m focusing on me and my health instead of worrying about everybody else. All I know is that I plan to do more of the same.

Till tomorrow,


Today’s Exercise: Gym night on my own. 30+3 on the elliptical, and 45 minutes of weights. Random ab exercise: bicycles, double-leg lifts and windshield wipers. Tomorrow’s a recovery day.


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