Measurable, attainable goals

Seems like my weeks have been blurring together lately. And I can see why…

Monday: Ride the bike, work, head to the gym. Tuesday: Ride the bike, work, head to the gym. Wednesday: Sleep in, work, train at the gym. Thursday: Sleep in, work, catch up on TV, Friday: Ride the bike, work, crash. Saturday: Sleep in, train at the gym, general no-honey-to-do-my-list stuff. Sunday: Prep for another week of same.

So I’ve decided to declare a few measurable, attainable goals for myself this week, and see if that doesn’t make it more fun.

Just say NO to the bathroom scale

As HRH says, “If you want to see the scale move, pick it up and put it in a different room.”

I’ve been obsessing about every little ounce of body weight lately, and I’m pretty certain it’s doing more harm than good. I’ve learned that weight loss isn’t linear or predictable, and there are lots of factors that go into reducing body weight. Putting myself through digital torture won’t do me any good.

That being said:

Goal 1:  Only get on the scale twice. Monday and Friday, the mornings after my recovery days. Friday will be my benchmark for “How much damage will you do when you travel?”

Goal 2:  Eat leafy green things every day this week. The menus have been skewing heavier on the butternut squash, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes side (oh, and carrots), and I need more color and more raw foods. Anyway, I like salad, even the prep work (with my shiny new Victorinox knives). Just have to make the grocery list.

Goal 3: Try my hand at paleo baking. I have a couple of recipes in mind that I want to try making with all paleo ingredients. The pumpkin bars should be easy. Chocolate spice muffins might be tougher. But if they work, I’ll gladly post the recipe here. I know I could probably find a paleo version of both recipes, but I want to see if I can do it on my own, and then dive into other recipes in my collection.

And somewhere in that kitchen playtime, I need to decide what goodies I’m creating and taking to Thanksgiving dinner. Our hostess (soon to be sainted for her patience and understanding) has already been made aware of the litany of dietary plans of my family: Who’s allergic/intolerant to what, who will/won’t eat what… good thing she loves us!

I think that’s a good start for one week.


Exercise: Flipped the script a bit and did my TDF ride this evening, so I could sleep in again this morning. I kinda liked it, because I didn’t HAVE to be off the bike in 30 minutes. Tomorrow, we train.


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