It’s beginning to feel a lot like food fest

No matter how we try to slice it*, a family visit always seems to turn into a schedule of meals. When do we eat where? No sooner do we finish one meal before we start discussing the menu and merits of the next.

Today, we’d barely finished breakfast, when the brothers and I were already discussing lunch at Trinity Brewing Co, and the girls were debating whether it was okay to go to Adams for a dessert lunch two days in a row.

Did a little driving around Colorado Springs after lunch to see the results of this summer’s fires,  then headed to the Pioneer Museum for the Charles Shulz traveling exhibit, To the Moon: Snoopy Soars with NASA. Some cool stuff. Really wish the NASA posters were on sale somewhere, would make great art for my office.

Dinner was random. Grilled duck with acorn squash. But the boys both left. What’s His Name had a club thing tonight, and the Skinny Kid went out to meet a friend for dinner.  The rest of us had dinner, did some baking prep for tomorrow, and attempted a homemade Mounds (or in our case Almond Joy) to bring along for dessert. Ours don’t look as pretty as the ones at Smashed Peas and Carrots, but again, I quote Mama Rose, “If the ingredients are good, the finished product can’t taste bad.”

Tomorrow, my goal is to keep sane around the foods, watch my portions, and drink lots of water. I’ve been pretty good so far this week. I don’t need to do damage just because it’s a holiday.

See you on the other side of family food-fest,

* Yeah, meant to. No pun-forgiveness requested.


Exercise:  Virtually none. Between all the running around and an afternoon migraine (and nap to recover), I didn’t make it to my vacation gym before they closed. Tomorrow, I’ll walk the hill before we head out for Thanksgiving. And Friday, I have big workout plans. Looking forward to getting in one more good workout before a day of flying and such.


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