But paleo food is BORING!

Got a challenge this past weekend. Was hanging with one of my girls, and she mentioned that a friend nearby was following paleo. It made Girls Night difficult, she said, because the only recipes she could find that would be appropriate to bring along (so her paleo friend could eat dinner) was brussels sprouts.

I told her I was certain we could find lots of recipes that were both paleo- and party-friendly. We already talked about my Tropical Ceviche recipe. Now I’m looking for others to share with her. I know there are boatloads of great recipes on the web, and I have a couple cookbooks, but I’m asking here:

What’s your favorite party-ready paleo recipe? If I invited you to a pot-luck tonight, what would you bring that would be a big hit with the crowd?


7 thoughts on “But paleo food is BORING!

    1. bethalyn Post author

      For this game, yeah. I want to start with 100% paleo recipes. C can find lots of dairy stuff. If that was the challenge, she’d make shrimp dip every time!

  1. azvbgirl

    Thai Meatballs (in crockpot with coconut milk, almond buttter & chili paste), jalapenos stuffed with chorizo (or whatever) wrapped in bacon, bacon wrapped shrimp, guacamole & veggies, sweet potato chips (homemade of course), pumpkin chili, crab stuffed mushrooms…etc. and YES I have made all these – super delicious! If you don’t announce they are ‘paleo’ at the party, everyone will enjoy them without making ‘the face’. LOL

    1. bethalyn Post author

      You mean we could have been eating this good years ago? How did we keep our girlish figures back then?
      Oh yeah, 5:30am workouts, vb, … and dips!

      1. azvbgirl

        No kidding! If only we knew then what we know now – but then we’d have never enjoyed all those crazy nights at Paps eating nachos & lord knows what else! =-p

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