Using my look back to propel me forward

As I’ve mentioned in my last few posts, three years ago tonight, my dad died. He was 83 at the time, and had been fighting heart disease my entire adult life. During his last six years, he was diagnosed with dementia, most likely brought on by a life of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and several mini strokes (following his cardiac procedures).

He was a wonderful man, but looking at how his life ended, and how it got to that point, one thing is abundantly clear to me: I do not want to follow in his footsteps.

I hope that doesn’t sound cold. Not how I intend it at all. But so many people remind me that he wanted me to have a good life. What they don’t say is that I can’t get there living the way he did.

So, on this anniversary, I renew my pledge to live a healthy life: To reduce my weight and cholesterol, to rid my life of all unnecessary medicines and medical machines, to become stronger and more capable. To do everything within my power to make sure the later years of my life aren’t spent in a wheelchair, counting handfuls of pills.

It’s a big goal, and the best way to get me there is to take every step I can in that direction and not do the Stupid stuff that moves me backwards. It means eating healthy non-processed foods in reasonable portions, exercising, getting the right amount of sleep at night, managing my stress levels, and maintaining a balance in my world.

For today, it’s about pushing through a workout, even if I’m not sure I can accomplish it. And it’s about planning my meals so I don’t go hunting the holiday treats so prevalent at my office. It’s about continuing to leave work AT work and break my workaholic ways, even though there’s a lot to do. And it’s about getting to bed at a reasonable time (yeah, Daddy, I know what that means now.)

For tomorrow, it’s about doing it all over again… and moreso.


Workout report:  20-minute warmup on the spin (8.6 miles at my high-normal cadence), then an hour of suspension trainer. My classmate didn’t show, so it was pretty much an extra training session with Coach. We worked hard, and by the end, my leg muscles were shaking. We’ll see how that manifests tomorrow… As for tomorrow, we’re boxing. Haven’t done that in a while. Time to flex my angry focus muscles and get it done.


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