Busy night in the kitchen

Sunday has a typical feel to it for me. It’s the only day I sleep in. Then I run errands, do laundry, and prep for the upcoming week. (And if I’m lucky, I get a nap.)

I woke up far later than usual today, stumbling out of bed at 11am. I guess I was pretty beat from the workout and massage combo yesterday.  Went around the corner for salad-for-breakfast at Panera Bread, and got my first inspiration for cooking.

The weather is starting to feel more like winter around here, and one of my favorite things about Panera had always been their soups. Now, I look at the menu and can’t find a single one that doesn’t have (a) dairy, (b) pasta or rice, (c) beans, or some combination of the above. And what I wanted most of all on a cold, cloudy Chicago day was a bowl of tomato soup.

Knowing there would be tons of recipes online, I searched, and settled on a simple one from Nom Nom Paleo. So I added the ingredients to my already-growing shopping list, and headed to the nearest grocery.

When I got home, I started a whirlwind cooking session, including:

I’m sure the stress levels at work will be high, since it’s the last full week before Christmas and I have a catalog deadline to meet, so I wanted to make sure I was prepared with meals, at least through Thursday (my next free night). Now, I can pack lunches in the morning, and have good, healthy food when I get home from the gym each night.

Happily, I can report I have a house full of amazing smells, a refrigerator full of prepared meals, a drainer full of clean dishes, and several tasks checked off my Sunday To Do list.

Now, I’m off to hunt the missing socks…  Till tomorrow,


2 thoughts on “Busy night in the kitchen

    1. bethalyn Post author

      You would have been so proud of me, Sam! Started and ended with the same number of fingers and everything!

      Solution to your problem: Paleo snack crack: Macadamias, shaved coconut, and dried cherries or blueberries. Yummers! And just enough to get me from 6am breakfast to 12:30 lunch.


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