Cheating on a loved one

In a regular week, Wednesday night would start at the gym with a little spin warmup and an hour workout with Coach. This week, scheduling conflicts had us move training to Monday, and gave me a rare Recovery Wednesday.

So, what’s a girl to do? Cook, of course.

Between the spaghetti squash breakfast and the veggie omelette for,lunch, I was a bit light on protein for the day, and it’s been a while,since I had fish, so I stopped at Mariano’s for some Ahi to sear for dinner (and put on a salad tomorrow).

I also picked up some beef, so I could try making a Texas style chili. I make chili several times a year, mostly on bad weather days or for sporting events. But my standard recipe is one I adapted from the Garden Gnome, and has beans in it, and is usually served with shredded cheese and sour cream. Those days are gone.

I could have looked up a paleo-specific recipe, but since Texas chili doesn’t have beans, and rarely gets topped with dairy, I thought I’d try one of those recipes instead. And then I did what I normally do: I ignored the recipe and went with my gut.

I’ll do a full review, and recreate the recipe tomorrow, after the appropriate 24-hour flavor meld. I don’t expect it to be perfect yet, but it’s looking promising.

I feel a little like I’ve changed religions mid-life, swapping chili camps so drastically, or that I’m cheating on someone i love and trust, and who has provided me lots of joy. I’ll see if the blasphemy was worthwhile. And as the Gnome always reminds me, if the ingredients are good, the result can’t be bad.

Till tomorrow,

Exercise: good stretching and foam rolling sessions this morning and evening. My back is better, and my hamstrings are thanking me for the extra attention.


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