Pardon me, my priorities are showing

I had grand plans to get a lot done today. And then, well, you know…

It’s becoming more and more clear to me what I’m truly committed to, what my priorities are, and what parts of my life are left over from times when I put everyone else before myself. It shows in how easy it is for me to rearrange stuff to get to the gym, and how easily I can get distracted and not do the stuff I don’t care about anymore. Here’s how it happened today.

Got up early, made breakfast (the standard Saturday eggs and hash), got my hair done, and then, as all girls with perfect hair do, headed to the gym for my workout. Coach is still h’mooning, so I was on my own for tabata.

I’d found a 4-minute interval track, so I didn’t have to watch a clock. I just listened to the countdown voice coming from my iPod. Worked really well. And, based on my Thanksgiving week scores of the same tabata sequence, I improved my score by 11 points. Pretty good for flying solo, having to be my own cheerleader and get through a rough workout on my own (and cleaning up after myself… that stuff makes a mess!)

Came home, had lunch, and everything went south from there. I got sucked into the world’s comfiest TV-watching chair for the second half of the Illinois vs Ohio State basketball game (take THAT, Buckeyes!), sat for a bit more TV, finally dragged myself to the shower, and returned to the chair quickly thereafter.

So the morning was a functional success. I kept my commitments to looking and feeling good (they’re linked, you know), and getting stronger every day. And in the afternoon, when I SHOULD have been editing a long-overdue photo project, I shut down and avoided the whole mess. But knowing I want to have the photos done before next weekend, and that I have a packed calendar this week, it leaves only one option.

So, tomorrow, I have my choice of two great animal metaphors for completing the project. I can eat that elephant one bite at a time, or I can, as my brother, the Skinny Kid, would say, put the bald cat in the box.

Right. Wait… what?

One day, we were talking about the parts of our jobs we don’t like to do, and he told me this story from his days in the military:

I was working one day, griping about my job, when my supervisor came into the office and said, “So, one of these days, I’m going to come in here and tell you to put the bald cat in the box. And you’re not going to ask me why you’re putting the bald cat in the box, where to find the box, how to get the cat to stay in the box, or how he came to be bald in the first place. You’re going to quit whining and put the bald cat in the box. And you know why? Because then, you can be done with it and move on to some other task you hate less.”

So that’s what I’ll do. Eat the elephant, put the bald cat in the box, quit my whining, and move on to something else.


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