An elephant-sized case of heartburn…

So, I said I had to finish a photography editing project before the weekend was out. And I did. And now I can take a break from photo until I like it again.

In the meantime, I’ve been eating that elephant today, one bite at a time (or so), and I’m happy to say I’m DONE! And I don’t have to eat another bite of elephant again, which is a good thing because I’m Full Up.

As I look back at my day, it reinforces how little I really wanted to spend my time working on this. But now that the bald cat is safely in the box, I can move on to stuff that, as the Skinny Kid says, sucks less.

I started the day, not in front of the computer, but by doing my grocery shopping. And I’m glad I did, it was… fun.  I got “Miss’d” twice (instead of Maam’d) for a change and the deli-counter guy flirted with me. It was totally not how I expected a trip to the grocery store to go, but well worth the trip.

Came home, started the slow-cooker pulled pork, and made lunch. Then, the procrastination set in. At precisely 24 hours after my big tabata workout yesterday, my quad and ab muscles lit on fire, and the headache set in. So I took a couple aspirin, drank a cup of coffee, and went to bed. Not exactly the way to tackle the project. But I knew if I started, I’d give up. So I set an alarm and committed to starting the project as soon as I’d had some rest.

Did it. Woke up, started laundry (right outside my office door, so it’s a babysitting gig), and went to work. The keystrokes flew, and the finished photos started stacking up. Now, nearly 170 photos have been shared with the client, in time to be on display next weekend.

Looking back on it, of course I wish I’d gotten this task out of the way weeks ago. It just wasn’t important to me till it was a deadline gig. Now, it’s done, and I can officially retire from event photography till further notice, which is what I’ve wanted to do for quite some time.


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