New recipe Sunday night

Put another Sunday cooking night in the books.

It’s supposed to get dangerously cold the next couple days, so, of course, I made soup again. Repeated the creamy tomato and leek soup, but added a little fresh basil this time.

Now, tomato soup is comforting and all, but I had something much more ambitious in mind.

If you sat my nine-year-old self down at dinner and tried to serve me spinach and mushrooms, you would have had a full-scale revolt on your hands. Fast-forward ten years, and the Popeye and ‘Shroom was my favorite pizza topping combination, and a staple of Saturday nights at the house.

So, with pizza being a non-food right now, what’s a girl to do? Use the happy combo as a filling for something else, like… chicken!

Spinach, mushrooms, chicken, sounds good to me. So, I pulled out my handy mallet for a little chicken pallaird, and started my assembly line.

  1. Put each chicken breast in a ziploc bag and use the mallet to pound it to a 1/4″ thickness
  2. combine chopped spinach, diced onion, chopped mushrooms, and some fresh basil in a bowl
  3. lay the chicken flat on a cutting board and put about 1/2 cup of the veggie mixture at one end
  4. roll the chicken over the mixture till it wraps all the way around
  5. place the chicken packet into a 9×13 glass pan
  6. season the chicken with salt, pepper, and mixed herbs
  7. repeat. My Pyrex dish held 5 stuffed chicken breasts
  8. bake 45 minutes at 375F, chicken should be cooked through. Use your meat thermometer to be sure.

When I serve this, it’ll. be topped with a sauce using the leftover mushrooms, chicken broth, some coconut milk, and seasonings. I didn’t want to make that part ahead of time, since I’m not sure how it will reheat.

Photo and full review to follow.

Till then, G’night.


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