Another milestone on my path to health

When I was in school, I was labeled a Good Test Taker.

Even if I didn’t know the material that well, my senses of logic and reasoning were there to help me through.

Tonight, I’m in for a different kind of test, and to some people, it sounds amazing for two big reasons. 1. There’s no studying, and 2. The more I sleep through this test, the better my grade will be.

Though it probably manifested during my college years, with weight gain and exposure to lots of sinus infections and allergens, I wasn’t diagnosed with or treated for obstructive sleep apnea until 2002.

Since then, I’ve had three surgeries, two bipap machines, a plethora of sinus rinse treatments and allergy meds. The only other “treatment” or “cure” my specialist suggested over the years was to lose weight. There are several studies that link weight to the severity of sleep apnea.

But till the last year or so, I hadn’t quite figured out how to lose weight and make it stay off. Now, I’m on that path.

Last August, at my annual sleep study to check my bipap pressures, I was able to turn the pressure down almost to its minimum. I’m hoping tonight, with 16 more pounds gone and a lot of strength and endurance training under my belt, that my respiratory system will work as designed, and let me sleep without blocking the proper oxygen flow.

When I started this journey I set several goals for myself: to get off the blood pressure meds (done), to remove the threat of diabetes (done), to manage the cholesterol levels enough to avoid the use of statins (done).

But of all the goals I set for myself on the road from unhealthy to well, this is the one I’ve wanted most.

So if I dream (sleep stage 5, REM) unassisted tonight, and keep the air flowing, I can make it happen. Dr Mike still has the final say, but I’m going to keep pushing till I make it happen.

To all my restful dreamers, G’night. I’ll see you after my test.


2 thoughts on “Another milestone on my path to health

    1. bethalyn Post author

      Seems to have. Got 6.5 hours of sleep, had a dream or two (can’t remember), resting pulse stayed around 54, and the O2 sats stayed above 90%. Now, it’s up to Dr. Mike to determine whether I can ditch the oh-so-unsexy bipap machine.


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