Accountability Project, Day 4

Good day for accountable me.

I had some extra time this morning, so I cleaned most of the kitchen before I left for work. If I got nothing else accomplished today, I would have been okay with that. But there’s more.

At work, I prepped enough stuff for my temp to keep him reasonably busy all day (and doing productive stuff, not just marking time). Still struggling with passing my catalog over to someone else, especially when I can do it faster than I can explain what needs to be done, but it’s a work in progress.

And this afternoon, I had my project status meeting. My outbound numbers were good. My big project scores were a bit off. But I know what needs to be done, and what’s expected of me, and that’s half the battle. The rest is mechanics. I have a busy two weeks ahead of me before I take off for my regular summer vacation. Looking forward to a week of me time.

Had the chance to be outside a bit this afternoon, and it convinced me of one thing: I didn’t want to do a same-old workout in the gym tonight.

So when I got home, I hopped on the bike and headed to the Poplar Creek Trail. Lots of curves, lots of hills (by Chicago flatlander standards), great scenery along the way, and convenient enough that I can get there by riding the local streets. So much better than my old place and trail, where I had to pack the bike in my car trunk, drive to the flat, overcrowded trail, assemble, ride, stopping too often for the crowds, and reverse the process when I was done.

Anyway, it was a great ride. The bigger hills were still a challenge for me, but not nearly the way they were last summer. I did still have to talk myself up that last one… And up the long, slow incline toward home. But my legs feel good, and I’m looking forward to the next ride.

Tomorrow, the time-share dog arrives for the week, and Sunday, the Skinny Kid will be here. Al I have to do is get through one more work day, and the fun begins.

Till then,


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