Social media and the lessons of Frankenstein

I had to read Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein in high school, and the lesson of it has stayed with me, and means even more to me now than it ever did back then.

What’s the lesson, you ask? For me, it was this: Just because we have the technology or the ability to do something, it doesn’t mean we necessarily should do it.

For a while, I thought of it in terms of building things on the web: flash-driven sites, video pop-overs, all the cool, flashy, intrusive stuff our bosses want us to include to make the website “slick”.

But now, it means something more.

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Slacker day

I’m soooooo glad I decided to take the day off today. I had a feeling I’d need it after the 5k Friday night and the long drive home on Saturday.

Note to self: sitting in a car for three hours AFTER running is a bad idea. My knees are okay, surprisingly, but my hips were trashed. And they’re only now starting to feel better.

Got almost nothing accomplished Saturday night after driving home from Champaign. Yesterday, I intentionally stayed in bed. I was still awake at 6:30 (silly circadian rhythms), but I watched a movie and waited till my body was ready to sleep again. Happy to say, it worked, and I finally stumbled toward eggs and coffee around noon. Hockey started at 2, so there wasn’t much activity in the afternoon either, except laundry.

Today, I was awake early again. Got up and showered with the full intent of starting a big project on my day off. But with the plumber showing up at 10am, my plan has been delayed a bit. Still, happy to have the vanity sink fully functional again. Even if it was a bit pricey, it’ll reduce my stress level, I’m sure. On-suite bath still isn’t pretty, but functional is a great start.

Day proceeded with a quick trip to Mariano’s for produce, followed by an afternoon nap. Only checked work email twice, just to make sure there are no huge surprises when I go back tomorrow. And my evening had some cooking and baking, and enough time to finally watch Django Unchained. I know… It’s about freaking time!

Will know tomorrow if my evening’s cooking experiment worked. I made stuffed portobello caps with ground bison instead of ground beef. Packed one for tomorrow’s lunch. Oh, and I made pumpkin squares again. It’s been months, and I felt the need.

I still have at least one more full day away from the gym. If I’m feeling rested enough, I’ll go back Wednesday. Otherwise, I’ll wait till the weekend. It’s strange to not be there every other night, but I seriously needed a break.

So now, I’m gonna watch a little tv and then off to bed.


A few random thoughts

Start with the obvious: I haven’t posted in a while, a long while.

Maybe my WHY isn’t strong enough anymore. Maybe I started worrying about what people thought of the life I was writing about. Maybe I’ve just filled my time with other stuff, and something had to fall off the schedule. I can’t say for certain. Maybe it will become clear to me if I start writing again.

In the meantime, there are a few things floating around my head that need a place to go.
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